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Latest photos

This much photographed sign is located at the historic centre of the grounds.
The place certainly can get packed!
The park map.
The Time Machine Theatre.
The famous Grand Carousel, a favourite of many amusement park historians.
An interesting re-purposing of an old ride canopy.
This image sums up the general atmosphere of Knoebels.
The Old Smokey Train is located at the northern end of the park.
Handicraft store.
The creeks occasionally burst their banks, so the park has become quite adept at getting up and running again quickly whenever it happens.
Knoebels has a few small creeks running through it.
Test your putting skills here.
The station area of the Pioneer Train.
The Scenic Skyway crosses outside the park boundary on a return trip up a nearby mountain.
80s space age meets rustic at the Lazer Runner laser tag attraction.
Overall, Impulse offers an exciting experience, without being overly intense.
600m of track is packed into a fairly tight plot.
A second helix rounds out the ride.
The barrel roll produces a good moment of hangtime where guests effectively hang in only by the harness.

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